Friday 16th Nov, 2018

Kalmar to provide machines to ACFS

Photo: Kalmar
Photo: Kalmar

KALMAR won the contract for the provision of mobile equipment to Australian Container Freight Services (ACFS) operations in Adelaide, Fremantle and Melbourne.


The order includes three DCG100 empty container handlers and two DRG450 reachstackers.

Kalmar is providing the machines under the “Kalmar Fleet Solution”, which allows customers to purchase a rental fleet from the company, which is maintained by Kalmar under a fixed monthly maintenance charge.

“With the Fleet Solution that Kalmar provides, we do not have to worry about breakdown and downtime as they are well covered by Kalmar in their fully maintained rental solution,” Tim Holmes, general manager of ACFS said. “This allows us to focus on our core business to deliver best class container freight logistics to our customers.”

Kalmar Australia mobile equipment business director Michael Wahab said: “We strive to understand and offer what the customer truly wants at the end of the day. In choosing Kalmar Fleet Solution, which is fully maintained by Kalmar, we have eased past problems customers had in owning something that they did have input to build, which is equipment tailor made to their business needs.”

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