Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Kimberley ports saw an increase in vessel calls over 2017-18

Photo: Kimberley Ports Authority
Photo: Kimberley Ports Authority

KIMBERLEY Ports Authority has reported an increase in vessel visits over the past financial year.

In its annual report, the port authority reported an overall increase in vessel visits of 2.7% in the 2017-19 financial year, with a total of 928 vessel visits. This includes 341 oil and gas support vessel visits, which was higher than forecast due to the commissioning phases for IMPEX and Shell projects towards the end of the 2017 calendar year.

Large commercial vessel visits were up 4.1%, cruise visits were down 7.4%, livestock vessels were up 15.8% and small commercial vessel visits were down 7.8%. Average berth occupancy over the financial year was reported to be 29.6% compared with 28.8% during the previous financial year.

Looking ahead, KPA predicts a significant decrease in oil and gas vessel visits, but also a 6% increase in cruise visits.


Trade through KPA’s ports was up on the previous year, but well below the five-year average.

KPA’s total cargo throughput for the past financial year came to 334,230 tonnes, a 10.2% increase on the previous year. The increase was driven by more fuel, oil and livestock crossing the wharf.

However, the 2017-18 trade performance was a 24% decrease on the five-year average of 437,782 tonnes.

The port authority reported a 0% lost time injury and/or disease incident rate, with no injured workers over the financial year.

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