Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Kiwi port opposes industrial changes


PORT of Tauranga has lodged a submission opposing aspects of the New Zealand Employment Relations Amendment Bill.

According to the New Zealand Parliament website, the purpose of the Bill is to restore key minimum standards and protections for employees and implement changes to promote and strengthen collective bargaining and union rights in the workplace.


But in a statement to shareholders, the Port of Tauranga confirmed its concerns.

“Specifically, we believe the repeal of the ability for employers to opt out of Multi-Employer Collective Agreement negotiations breaches international conventions,” said chief executive Mark Cairns.

“We believe this aspect of the Bill will see a lowest common denominator outcome and will most certainly decrease productivity in the Port sector.”

Mr Cairns said Port of Tauranga was proud of its industrial relations track record and worked hard to maintain productive employment relationships with staff and unions.

“It is salient that more than 90% of our staff are shareholders in the Company,” the statement read.

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