Sunday 21st Oct, 2018

Knuckle dusters and knives seized in Townsville raid

Photo: ABF
Photo: ABF

MORE than 300 banned weapons were seized by Australian Border Force offices in Townsville after they raided a home on Tuesday (9 January).

The raid reportedly followed an investigation by the ABF linking the home to previous banned weapon import attempts.

ABF Townsville District Commander Bronwen Robinson said the seized items comprised a variety of weapons.

“In total, 316 items were seized, including BB guns, knuckle dusters, blow pipes and an assortment of knives,” District Commander Robinson said.

“The alleged importer, a male who was located at the property, has previously been linked to the prohibited import of items such as automatic knives, knuckle dusters and trench knives.

“ABF plays a critical role is safeguarding the Australian community. These weapons, had they found their way onto the streets of Townsville, may well have been involved in violent crimes and other antisocial and criminal behaviour.”

District Commander Robinson said they would “vigorously investigate and pursue” anyone attempting to illegally import such items

District Commander Robinson also praised the significant assistance from Queensland Police.

“In law enforcement, we get strong results when we all work together,” she said.

“We enjoy a strong and effective relationship with Queensland Police, and their intelligence and logistics support for this operation was pivotal to its success.”

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