Wednesday 24th Oct, 2018

Landside operators deserve benefits from stevedore fee hikes, says Chester

Photo: David Sexton
Photo: David Sexton

FEDERAL infrastructure minister Darren Chester says landside operators deserve benefits from paying more in infrastructure fees.

The infrastructure fee hikes at Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, the second round announced by stevedore DPW Australia this year, have been met with outrage in some quarters.

Mr Chester confirmed meetings with truck and rail operators on the topic.

“I have met with truck and rail operators and other industry bodies on this matter, and understand their concerns about the infrastructure access fees being implemented or increased by stevedoring companies,” the minister told DCN.

“I fully expect truck and rail operators to receive benefits through increased investment in landside infrastructure as a result of these fees.”

Mr Chester said the ACCC was the appropriate body to examine the impact of such fees.

“I welcome the ACCC’s further examination of this issue in its 2017-18 container stevedoring monitoring report,” he said.

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