Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: AMPI responds to pilotage competition concerns



I am responding to some feedback I have received from my letter to DCN on 28 February regarding pilotage competition in Melbourne.

It seems my reference to the Atlantic Blue incident may have been seen by some as a criticism of AMSA, the reef service providers and pilots.

This was not my intention, quite the contrary, my point was to highlight a process where some systematic and regulatory shortcomings were identified by the investigation, and as a result the regulator, service providers and the pilots all responded appropriately and achieved a positive outcome. This is exactly what we hope happens in Victoria.

I would also like to stress that AMPI does not assume an ‘industrial role’ on this or any other issue, this is not on our agenda, and it is disappointing our support of safety and due process is interpreted as ‘industrial’.

AMPI has the greatest respect for all the Barrier Reef pilots, and they regime they work under. The AMPI executive encourages pilots to contact us for clarification on any issue of concern and their contributions as AMPI members would be valued.

Captain Neil Farmer
Australasian Marine Pilots Institute

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