Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

Maiden voyage for new ro-ro ship

Photo: WW
Photo: WW

A NEW ro-ro ship shall be plying the waves, as the the maiden voyage of Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s MV Titus has begun.

The vessel will be sailing the Asia to North America route and, according to WW, was designed to reduce energy consumption and emissions per tonne-kilometre cargo transported.

WW Ocean president and COO Michael Hynekamp said Titus was part of a program to replace older tonnage with modern vessels to build a modern, efficient and environmentally sound fleet.

“As she starts her journey, Titus is one of the most efficient neo-Panamax vessels on the seas,” he said.

During the design phase for the vessel, extensive model testing was performed to optimise the hull to reduce drag and wave resistance, and thereby improve fuel efficiency.

The engine was tuned for low-load operation to reduce the specific fuel consumption in normal operation and the vessel is able to operate on different bunker qualities.

Titus is the first in a series of four new vessels, and it is the first large car and truck carrier built at the SCIC Xingang. From the pre-contract stage to delivery, the project was supervised by Wallenius Marine.

The second vessel in the “HERO” design is expected to enter service later in 2018, with two more due next year. The four new vessels are to have a combined capacity of 32,000 car equivalent units.

HERO “stands for high-efficiency ro-ro”; and all vessels of the class are 200 metre post-Panamax sized vessels.

Mr Hynekamp said: “We see that the global ro-ro capacity is becoming more balanced, and our focus is to make sure we have a flexible fleet, able to ramp up and scale down capacity in line with customer demand.

“As rates remain under pressure and CO2 regulation for shipping is evolving, we continue to monitor developments and do not currently have any additional vessel orders planned.”

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