Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Maintenance at Bowen Wharf

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

NORTH Queensland Bulk Ports announced it would commence maintenance works at the Bowen Wharf this week.

NQBP acting CEO Rochelle Macdonald said the works included repairs to cracked concrete slab sections and some of the timber decking structure and the removal of deteriorated timber fender piles.

“NQBP recognises the Bowen Wharf is a beloved public asset to the Bowen community as well as an operational asset to the Port of Abbot Point,” she said.

“Throughout these works there will be no disruptions to public access along the wharf. Most works will be happening from a barge positioned alongside the wharf.”

Local contractors Pilchers have been engaged to complete the onshore works while Townsville-based Pacific Marine Group will be completing the offshore works.

“NQBP is working with operational users of Bowen Wharf, Bowen Towage, to ensure there is minimal disruption to business during the works,” Dr Macdonald said.

“The safety of all users is of the upmost importance to NQBP. While the fender piles are being removed, small sections of the wharf will be temporarily closed for public safety.”

Fifty-one redundant fender piles are to be removed over a two-week period; they are to be transferred to a site adjacent to the Port Denison Sailing Club for storage.

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