Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

Millions sought from GSS liquidation

ENTITIES linked with former directors of Great Southern Shipping Australia Pty Ltd are among those seeking millions from the company’s liquidation.

GSS Australia Pty Ltd and its affiliate GS Agencies Pty Ltd went into liquidation late last year and a report from insolvency practice Veritas Advisory shows an amount owed to creditors of $15,609,798.

Among the creditors is Atlantic Success Family Trust, reportedly owed $6,739,910.98.

ASIC documents show former GSS chief executive Paull Van Oost is director and secretary of Atlantic Success Investments, an entity listed at the same Port Melbourne address as the similarly-named Family Trust.

Another creditor is Silusapho Lwase Africa Trust, with the liquidators’ report showing an amount owed of $6,699,298.55.

Sources have told Lloyd’s List Australia this entity is linked with former director David Whittaker, albeit public documents could not be found to confirm this.

LLA has sought comment from Mr Whittaker by way of landline, mobile and email, but none had been forthcoming at the time of publication.

Attempts to contact Mr Whittaker via the liquidator were also unsuccessful.

Three ships involved in the GSS saga are listed as being owed money.

These include:

  • Wehr Trave $543,689.06
  • Wehr Warnow $689,919.71
  • Imara $553,151.95

Other notable entities reportedly owed smaller amounts are:

  • Australian Reef Pilots $9614
  • Svitzer Australia Pty Ltd $33,440
  • Conical Container Industrie Consulting (Germany) $31,271
  • Fenner Dunlop (Footscray, Melbourne) $14,937
  • Maritime Safety Queensland $57,270
  • Sardonyx Corporation Pty Ltd $15,000
  • SCF Group Pty Ltd $39,561
  • Seaco Global Ltd $14,374.86
  • Sinspec Marine Services Pty Ltd (Singapore) $23,322
  • Transport Integration Services $38,795

Liquidator David Iannuzzi noted “a legal dispute between the company and Rizhao port in China”.

“I am in the process of collating the legal documentation and intend seeking independent legal advice as to the veracity of the claim and any potential recovery available,” the liquidator wrote.

The liquidator declined to state an amount involved in the Rizhao port matter owing to its sensitivity.

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