Friday 16th Nov, 2018

Mock emergency exercise held at Hobart


TASPORTS has held a mock emergency training exercise in Hobart involving emergency services and other key stakeholders.

The simulation exercise included dozens of staff from TasPorts as well as personnel from several businesses and agencies including Tasmanian Police including Water Police, Tasmanian Fire Service, Environmental Protection Authority, Marine & Safety Tasmania and other port stakeholders.


In a press release, TasPorts said the initiative was held to ensure they were well prepared to respond effectively and safely to any future emergencies.

“This mock emergency exercise is an important part of preparing for our role in emergency response and recover incidents,” said TasPorts chief operating officer Anthony Donald.

“It is appropriate that we work together with a range of stakeholders and agencies to ensure that our plans are working and that is what we did today.

“TasPorts takes its responsibilities as the owners and operators of Tasmanian’s ports very seriously, including the safety of our staff, contractors, customers and the general public in Tasmania.”

Mr Donald thanked agencies, customers and stakeholders who “contributed to the successful exercise”.

He also thanked the general public and media for avoiding the secure port area while the training exercise took place.

Other mock emergency training exercises are to take place in the future as part of TasPorts’ ongoing emergency response plans.

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