Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

Monster cargo on the move

Photo: Loynes
Photo: Loynes

LATE one night, as Melbourne slept, a monster emerged from the docks.

But this was no beast from the depths, rather it was a massive piece of project cargo, a generator bound for Loy Yang power station in the Latrobe Valley.

Built in Japan and shipped via charter vessel Heemskerkgracht (IMO 9443669) into Webb Dock, the generator weighed 250 tonnes with a volume of 184m3 and was received under ship’s hook directly onto a specially-engineered trailer assembled on-site.

Responsible for the planning and management of the relocation was project cargo specialists L.C. Loynes & Associates.

A spokesperson told Daily Cargo News how the generator was transported with two prime movers pulling from the front and two pushing from the rear.

The overall transport vehicle was 108metres long, 7.3metres wide, 5metres high, and weighed 558 tonnes.

Travelling at a maximum speed of 30km/h, the generator moved slowly through Melbourne’s south east via Beaconsfield Parade, the Nepean Hwy, North Road and Dingley Bypass and then along the Princes Highway through Dandenong and Fountain Gate.

The cargo was shifted between 10pm and 5am over three nights.

Project cargo specialists from Loynes travelled with the operation for the entire journey working with an extensive support team.

Other support included people who helped get the vehicle safely around corners and underneath overhead power lines and others who temporarily removed signs, lights and street furniture, placed steel plate supports over existing drainage and bridges and then put everything back in place once the vehicle had passed.

The truck and generator arrived at Loy Yang power station on the morning of 29 May where the trailer was disassembled and the generator jacked up and suspended for placement on its waiting pad area.

“This was a very time conscious and complex operation due to the size and overall weight involved in moving the load,” a Loynes spokesperson said.

“The team were very excited to see the cargo transported successfully to site.”

DCN reported earlier in the year about a giant generator from the Latrobe Valley that was transported to Melbourne via road and then shipped to Germany for maintenance.

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