Friday 16th Nov, 2018

MP weighs into ‘Buy Queensland’ campaign


A CAMPAIGN by the Queensland government to ‘Buy Queensland’ will fail and could prove damaging to trade.

The policy has already upset New Zealand, whose leaders fear it undermines free trade.

Federal Member for Leichardt, Warren Entsch, a former Coalition whip, has described the policy as “extremely simplistic” and “populist”.

“I am absolutely all for buying Queensland and buying Australian and will continue to be supportive of these concepts in the broad sense,” Mr Entsch wrote in local newspaper The Cairns Post.

“Trade is an extremely complex topic, particularly in a global environment, and that is why the Federal government has worked hard to secure Free Trade agreements with numerous countries,” he wrote.

“Slapping a 30% tariff on international suppliers vying for Queensland Government business is a provocative move that will only incite anger and spark retaliation.”

The policy already has been described as “crazy” and “possibly illegal” by Kiwi trade minister Todd McClay.

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