Friday 16th Nov, 2018

Philip Davies appointed ALC chair


THE AUSTRALIAN Logistics Council has confirmed Philip Davies as its new chair.

He takes over from Ian Murray AM who stepped down earlier in the year.

According to an ALC statement, Mr Davies is respected in Australia and overseas with more than 25 years of experience in policy development, management and infrastructure project delivery.


Previously he was chief executive of Infrastructure Australia.

Mr Davies was said to have recognised the merits of developing a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and recommended the initiative be done as part of the Infrastructure Audit.

Before his time at IA, Mr Davies gained experience in designing and implementing integrated transport management plans.

This included the development of the London Transport Command and Control Centre and playing a key role in the introduction of congestion charging within central London.

“Mr Davies has a long record of advocacy on policy issues of major importance to the freight logistics industry,” the ALC said in a statement.

“These include adopting a nationally-consistent approach to corridor protection, undertaking road pricing reform and ensuring Australia develops a coherent, evidence-based approach on infrastructure planning and population matters, so that Australia can successfully meet its rapidly-growing freight task.”

Mr Davies’ appointment as ALC chair is expected to further strengthen ALC’s advocacy activities, and help ensure governments give higher priority to enhanced supply chain efficiency and safety.

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