Sunday 21st Oct, 2018

Picket remains in place outside VICT


A PICKET outside the gates of Victoria International Container Terminal remains in place, multiple sources have confirmed.

This is despite a Supreme Court judge this week issuing a series of orders including a renewal of the 100-metre exclusion zone from the VICT gates, as well as noting union involvement in the picket.

The court rule orders the MUA and CFMEU not approach within 100 metres of VICT’s business and also ordered they not restrict access to VICT by either trucks or people.

A similar ‘group order’ was issued against Victorian Trades Hall secretary Luke Hilakari and anyone who had attended the picket prior to the conclusion of the Webb Dock rally on Friday of last week.

Victoria Police confirmed on Wednesday morning they had not cleared the picket.

VICT chief executive, Anders Dommestrup, this week welcomed the judge’s ruling.

“VICT will continue to assess the damage that has been done to our business,” he said.

“We will be seeking to recoup those damages.”

News Corp publications this week revealed the sacked wharfie at the centre of the dispute to be Richard Lunt, a former Qube employee.

The VICT picket has occurred at a time of conflict between parent company ICTSI and the International Transport Workers Federation (with which the MUA is affiliated).

The ITF has criticised ICTSI for its labour relations record in both Madagascar and Indonesia.

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