Saturday 22nd Sep, 2018

Pilbara Ports Authority helps spread Christmas cheer

Photo: Pilbara Ports Authority
Photo: Pilbara Ports Authority

VOLUNTEERS delivered more than 3000 Christmas hampers and gift bags to seafarers in the Pilbara over the holiday season.

The volunteers, from Pilbara Ports Authority, the Dampier and Port Hedland Seafarers’ Centres and port users and services providers, packed and distributed hampers and gift bags to seafarers between 20-29 December.

At Port Hedland alone 1,999 Christmas gift bags were packed and distributed to seafarers on 87 vessels.

Port Hedland Seafarers’ Association operations manager Chris Towsey thanked the Pilbara Ports Authority, local businesses and the community for their support.

“About 60 volunteers helped the Port Hedland Seafarers’ Association pack gift bags, with many people giving up their Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to distribute gifts to ships at anchor and in the port,” he said.

“The children from St Cecelia’s Primary School also made up a large number of wrapped Christmas boxes that were also distributed.”

At Dampier, Port Walcott and Cape Preston, more than 1000 hampers were delivered to 45 vessels.

Acting committee chair and Port Dampier harbourmaster Vikas Bangia thanked volunteers who helped bring Christmas cheer to the many seafarers away from their family and friends.

“It is important to recognise the significant contribution of seafarers to the global economy,” he said.

“Seafarers are unsung heroes who spend many months at sea away from their homes, to ensure the global seaborne trade continues to thrive.”

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