Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

Pilbara Ports practices for emergency

Photo: Pilbara Ports Authority
Photo: Pilbara Ports Authority

PILBARA Ports Authority has been honing its emergency preparedness with a series of training exercises and workshops at Port Hedland, from vessel salvage preparedness to oil spill response practice.

PPA general manager operations Captain John Finch said the port authority had a diligent approach to emergency response training and held broad-scale training exercises at least once a year.

“We are seeing the benefits of the year-on-year investment in training,” Captain Finch said.

“We are deeply embedding emergency response capability in key areas of port operations.”

On 8 May, PPA hosted a vessel salvage preparedness and response workshop, attended by port users and crucial service providers.

Oldendorff director, operations Thomas Antony said the workshop provided a broader insight into various challenges and possibilities associated with a salvage response.

“It gave us all a better understanding of the actions and responses by various participants during a salvage operations,” Mr Antony said.

On 9 May, 66 personnel participated in an oil spill response exercise.

As part of the simulated field and on-water response, an oil spill containment boom was deployed into water near Pretty Pool and Aerial observations were conducted over various locations in the Port Hedland area.

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