Tuesday 13th Nov, 2018

Pilotage in Port Phillip Bay to go under the microscope

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

VICTORIAN Ports Corporation (Melbourne) says it is conducting a preliminary review into pilotage services in Port Phillip Bay.

This follows the recent entry of a second pilotage services provider in the bay (Australian Pilotage Group), the first time in 180 years there has been competition in this market.

VPCM chief executive Rachel Johnson said it was all about outcomes.

“We welcome competition for pilotage services and we want to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders in the port community in this changed environment,” Ms Johnson said.

“It is timely, and makes good sense, to check whether the current policies and regulations, created during a single provider era, remain relevant in a competitive market. Port stakeholders, including the two pilotage services providers, will be canvassed for their views.

“If the review identifies any areas where existing arrangements can be improved then we will ask government to undertake a more thorough review.”

DCN reported earlier in the year about APG guiding its first ship through Port Phillip Heads and into the Port of Melbourne.

The establishment of a second operator has triggered a debate on whether competition can exist without compromising standards.

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