Thursday 20th Sep, 2018

Port Authority of NSW to sponsor two deck cadets

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

THE PORT Authority of New South Wales announced last week it was on the lookout for two keen graduates to participate in a two-year deck cadet sponsorship program.

A spokesperson for the Port Authority told Daily Cargo News they were looking for people with a passion for a career at sea and subsequently ashore in the Australian port and shipping sector.


Under the sponsorship program, the Port Authority will provide each of the two cadets a mentor and arrange placements on various merchant ships so they can achieve the 18 months of qualifying sea time that is required by AMSA before they can pursue further studies to qualify as a deck watchkeeper.

The Port Authority spokesperson said the impetus for the program came from Port Authority marine pilots who recognised the need to bring more seafarers into the industry to build the Australian maritime skill base.

“The Port Authority is pleased to partner with progressive shipping companies that also see the need to invest in the training and development of our future ship’s captains, pilots, harbour masters, marine surveyors and stevedores,” the spokesperson said.

“The Port Authority hopes that the cadets progress to become deck officers on merchant ships and ultimately achieve their master qualification, affording them options to then fulfil maritime leadership roles ashore.”

Looking to the future, the Port Authority spokesperson said the program would continue to be evaluated and offered as appropriate.

For further information and to apply for the deck cadet sponsorship program, please see the Port Authority of New South Wales’ website.

  • Miet Dlugolecki

    While it is encouraging to see such employer as Port Authority of NSW to worry about its future prospective emploees base, two deck cadets
    is not near enough to meet future requirements for maritime skills in Australia.
    Truly symbolic gesture.

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