Wednesday 12th Dec, 2018

Port of Melbourne plans container origin/destination study

Photo: Shutterstock and Jim Wilson
Photo: Shutterstock and Jim Wilson

A SURVEY is set to begin into the origin and destination of containers moving through the Port of Melbourne.

Port chief executive Brendan Bourke spoke of the survey plans during the Port Outlook 2018 session this week, an event organised by the Victorian Transport Association.

“What we will be doing some time either this year or early next year is repeating a study that was done in 2009 which is to track export and import containers – tracking from origin and destination,” Mr Bourke told the gathering.

“So it is a fairly big study, reasonably expensive, which is why it’s probably done only once in a decade,” he said.

“But I think it’s now time for us to refresh and understand the statistics around where containers head to, what level are staged and for how long so that we’ve got a better understanding that we can share with industry.

“It would be our intent that this wouldn’t be data that we would hold ourselves, we would make that available to industry to enable a better understanding of the whole port supply chain.”

Mr Bourke said similar traffic data had helped with decisions surrounding plans for Coode Road in the port precinct.

“We believe if we don’t have the data to actually understand port traffic and in the roads adjacent to the port… then it is very difficult to sit down with industry and talk about changes to the road network,” he said.

“That was a lesson that probably came out of the Coode Road (closure plans) where we probably had to, from a port perspective, have more data about what’s going on.

“So when people expressed concerns or issues around changes and unintended consequences then we’ve got some material to actually have that discussion and be better informed.”

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