Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Possible data breach investigated at Gladstone

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

GLADSTONE Ports Corporation has reported a possible data breach relating to the theft of an iPad from one of its work vehicles earlier in the year.


According to a statement published on the GPC website, the theft occurred on 31 March with a data breach notified to GPC internal resources on the afternoon of 3 April.

The matter was later reported to police.

GPC stated the iPad contained pilotage information and video recordings of jobs but was reported to contain “nothing that is commercially sensitive”, albeit it is uncertain if any contact information or identification details were stored on the device.

“Pilotage information and video recordings may contain information identifying individuals, however this is unlikely,” GPC stated.

While the iPad was stolen from a GPC work vehicle, the device was passcode protected.

“It is unclear who is affected by the data breach, however the impact could be confined to GPC staff only,” GPC stated.

“Although the iPad was not used for the distribution of email, the user was unsure whether contact details were stored on the device.”

The number of affected people is unknown, according to GPC, however it “would be believed to be less than 20 individuals”.

The device SIM has since been deactivated.

GPC says no further investigation options are available at this stage.

“GPC is currently implementing a mobile device management tool, which will allow the remote destruction of data on mobile devices. No further action at this juncture due to nature of this breach,” the statement read.

“Due to the lack of perceived information, the outcome has been rated as ‘no risk of serious harm envisaged’.”

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