Thursday 13th Dec, 2018

Record reported for Torres Strait transit

DCN/Hema Maps
DCN/Hema Maps

LEDA Maersk (IMO 9190755) has become the deepest eastbound container vessel to transit Torres Strait.

The Danish-flagged vessel (63,200DWT) was loaded to a draught of 12.5m and left Singapore on September 13.

In collaboration with OMC International, Maersk used the advanced voyage planning functionality of AMSA’s Under Keel Clearance Management System (UKCMS) to optimise the timing of the voyage to ensure a sailing window was available on its arrival at the Torres Strait.


OMC says their engineers accompanied the ship to do full-scale measurements using high precision differential GPS equipment.

This data is to complement OMC’s existing database of more than 600 full-scale vessel measurements.

A spokesman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said they “can confirm that the recent voyage of the Leda Maersk, loaded to a draught of 12.5m, made it the deepest eastbound container vessel to transit Torres Strait”.

“AMSA’s deeper draught trials using the under-keel clearance management system in Torres Strait are still underway,” the spokesman said.

DCN reported earlier in the year how the use of DUKC was allowing both larger box ships and bulkers through the Strait, with potential for a shortcut down to New Zealand for some vessels sailing from Asia.

The Torres Strait is renowned for its difficult conditions, being affected by varying tides and strong winds.

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