Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

SBAS gets budget bump

Image: Geoscience Australia
Image: Geoscience Australia

MARITIME Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) has congratulated the Turnbull government on investing in the Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS), which will help sharpen the accuracy of GPS to 10 to 3 centimetres.

This week’s federal budget allocated more than $260m for Geoscience Australia to develop technology, including the SBAS.

MIAL CEO Theresa Lloyd said: “The commercial advantages of SBAS are significant to the maritime industry – across commercial shipping applications; port services; cruise operations; research activities; offshore oil and gas; construction; and subsea”.

“SBAS will see benefits in terms of future safety, productivity, efficiency and environmental impacts across the maritime sector in the region,” she said.

When it comes online, the SBAS is to result in better management of how deep to load ships and how fast they travel in and out of ports.

It can also improve accuracy in maritime construction projects and subsea research, in addition to enhancing safety outcomes for all close-quarter operations at sea and in port.

The ongoing two-year SBAS trial project consists of 28 projects across 10 different industry sectors, funded by $12m from the Australian Government and $2 from the New Zealand government in 2017.

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