Saturday 22nd Sep, 2018

Shipping can boost urban ‘livability’, says Ports Oz

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

PORTS Australia says the “blue highway” can help decongest cities that are struggling to handle a ballooning freight task.

Chief executive Mike Gallacher this week came out in support of the Australian Logistics Council whose CEO Michael Kilgariff has warned the nation’s cities were becoming unfriendly to freight.

“Ports Australia completely agrees with the Australian Logistics Council, Australia is growing so our freight task is growing, if our cities are going to stay livable we need to take this seriously,” Mr Gallacher said.

“Australians already experience the pressures of cities struggling to manage their freight task.

“We need a smart approach to freight and this includes a balanced approach to road, rail and sea freight. Why move freight unnecessarily by road to places that can be reach by sea when we are struggling to move freight in and around our cities right now?”

Mr Gallacher said it was time to use the “blue highway” that connected the majority of Australian cities and ports.

“Increased domestic sea freight could see electronics from Asia delivered right along the eastern seaboard. Instead we are dropping all of them off into some of our most congested cities and using those roads to then distribute those goods back up the coast,” he said.

“A simple change in coastal shipping legislation could dramatically reduce congestion around cities, improve livability and help regional centres survive and thrive.”

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