Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Smart products drive container growth, says Kalmar exec

Kalmar Asia-Pacific senior vice-president Peter McLean; credit Kalmar
Kalmar Asia-Pacific senior vice-president Peter McLean; credit Kalmar

INNOVATION and the increasing push for smart products is driving growth in containerised freight Kalmar head of Asia-Pacific Peter McLean says.

Mr McLean spoke at the recent 2018 Global Shippers Forum in Melbourne and described how “a world of change” was influencing freight.

“Smart cars and autonomous ships are coming… Artificial intelligence really rules our world,” he told the gathering.

“Smart home devices are coming, whether we want them or not, whether we connect or not, (if) we buy something it has the ability to connect.”

Mr McLean said innovation was shaping “our corporate life, it is eliminating barriers and driving economic growth”.

“This drives us to an unquenchable appetite or thirst to buy new products, whether it be a suit or a smart product, but our appetite to buy is increasing cargo volumes,” he said.

He talked of “unprecedented growth, especially in Asia, in countries like China where they have become innovators”.

“Some single terminals in places like China grow at over one million (TEU equivalent) per annum,” Mr McLean said.

A longer interview with Mr McLean is to be published in the July print edition of DCN as part of the port and container equipment feature.


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