Saturday 17th Nov, 2018

Swire Shipping to offer weekly services to Micronesia

News 25.08.17 - Swire

Swire Shipping has announced it will introduce a fixed day weekly delivery schedule into Guam and Saipan with a view to better serving Micronesian customers.

The company is to upgrade its multipurpose liner service and introduce a fixed day weekly delivery schedule.

After four years of continuous service in Guam, Swire Shipping introduced its first call to Saipan late last year and has been calling both markets on a fortnightly basis.

Jeremy Sutton, general manager at Swire Shipping, said the Pacific Islands was one of its key markets.

“We have a long-term commitment to our customers and the communities in the Pacific Islands and will always find ways to serve them better and to connect them to the rest of the world,” he said.

Swire Shipping is to cooperate with APL and gain access to their regular service operating between South Korea, Japan, Guam and Saipan.

This service upgrade should communities in Guam and Saipan to receive their goods such as food and groceries supplies on a regular weekly basis.

Eric Mensing, senior vice president of the Guam Trade, APL, said, Swire had “a similar long and proud history of providing a high degree of service to their customers just like we do, so the fit is good”.

“APL is committed to Guam and Saipan and we will be here for a long time,” Mr Mensing said.

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