Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

Ted’s excellent maritime adventure wins him ANL Maritime Award

Photo: David Sexton
Photo: David Sexton

A WATERCOLOUR of barges on England’s River Orwell has earned Melbourne artist Ted Dansey the prestigious ANL Maritime Award.

Mr Dansey was awarded the $15,000 top prize for Workhorse on the Orwell at Thursday night’s ANL Maritime Art Awards, held at the Mission to Seafarers’ building in Flinders Street, Melbourne.

“The painting is about the river barges that go up and down the Orwell River. I am just taken by them,” the artist told Lloyd’s List Australia.

“I love painting maritime works and I just love these river barges. They complement what goes on in the big container ships (depicted) in the background.”

Born in Tasmania, Mr Dansey was never a mariner but his father worked on the English wharves after World War II, fuelling his interest in the sea.

“I mean I paint anything but I particularly enjoy doing maritime works. I had five weeks in the UK two years ago where I visited a lot of the rivers,” he said.

Combining a career as an artist with that of a sign writer, ticket writer and graphic designer, Mr Dansey has had more time to focus on painting in recent years.

“When I was 60, I retired from a job as general manager of the Victorian Arts Society and became a full time artist,” he said.

“So it only took my 60 years to get to where I wanted.”

He admitted to some surprise at the result.

“It is unbelievable. I never thought it would happen, I really didn’t,” he said.

“To come along and have no idea you were going to win – and then to win it and get your name called out, I was just speechless.

“To win something, it sort of gives you a bit of belief that…. somebody else appreciates (your work) too.”

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