Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

Teekay Offshore to order two more LNG-powered tankers

Peary Spirit, a Teekay shuttle tanker. Photo: Teekay
Peary Spirit, a Teekay shuttle tanker. Photo: Teekay

TEEKAY Offshore announced last week that it would order two Aframax tankers that will be powered by liquefied natural gas.


The brace of tankers would be built by Samsung Heavy Industries and

The tankers are to be built based on Teekay Offshore’s New Shuttle Spirit design, which incorporates technologies to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

The tankers are due for delivery in late-2020 through early 2021.

This order brings Teekay’s orderbook for shuttle tankers to six, after two Suexmax DP2 shuttle tankers were ordered in July 2017, and two more in November 2017.

An announcement from the company about the previous two orders said the design features allow an annual emission reduction potential of up to 42%, with fuel consumption reduced by up to 22% compared with traditional shuttle tankers.

The tankers are to operate on LNG as the primary fuel, and a mixture of LNG and recovered “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs) as secondary fuel. VOCs are produces from evaporation occurring in the oil cargo tanks. This technology allows tankers to travel on their own waste gas.

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