Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018

The future of container transport is digital: report


NEW research on the future of container transport sees the possibility of traditional supply chain service providers being “significantly challenged”, with digitally enabled services becoming progressively more influential.

Freight transport insurer TT Club with consulting firm McKinsey has released a study looking into what container transport will look like in a quarter-century, entitled Brave new world? – Container transport in 2043.

The report sees technology applied to previously unsolvable challenges (as has been seen with Amazon and Alibaba), as well as start-ups assuming integrator roles, possibly transforming and reshaping the container transport industry.


In the 2043 scenario, as the report states, “Digital, data and analytics have indeed become the fundamental driver of value creation. Players with significant asset footprints lead the way, with proprietary data that allows them to out-compete any potential disruptive entrant. Data and technologies like blockchain are used in creative ways and many digital native suppliers of software and analytical solutions thrive.”

TT Club CEO Charles Fenton said the container transport industry faces a complex future.

“The industry experts in this research are generally agreed that the physical characteristics of the industry won’t change radically,” he said.

“However, automation holds enormous potential; digital, data and analytics will be central to competitive dynamics, and the business models of industry leaders in 2043 could look very different from today. Digital reinvention is just one of four potential scenarios that our report envisages.  Its in-depth challenge to our perceptions of the future is well worth close consideration.”

The full report can be found on the TT Club website.

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