Friday 16th Nov, 2018

THE GRILL: Matt Eryurek

Photo: David Sexton
Photo: David Sexton

What’s your role with SCT Logistics and what does it entail?
At SCT I am the general manager for port development. My role entails the continued lobbying, exploration and development of SCT Intermodal ports capability with key stakeholders in the port logistics supply chain space. These stakeholders include (but are not limited to) government representatives at all levels, terminal operators, shipping lines, road operators, clients and staff.
I identify opportunities and solutions for the SCT Group that include property and domestic rail solutions. SCT is a private company and any minute I could be delivering a presentation in a board meeting or could be chasing a container. Our common goal is to service our customers with innovative ideas and I try to fit into the future position rather than simply meet today’s retail space needs.

What do you love about it?
My role is so diverse and there are no boundaries of hierarchy. The owners have kids and families and we all share the same photocopier and carpark area.  No one tells you what to do. If you are self-driven and motivated the sky is your limit. However, if you do not provide value to the team or customers you will find out very soon. I am highly energised as my nickname has been “Turbo” so this style of culture I love.

How did you get into logistics work?
I finished my university course and saw an ad with QANTAS logo and applied, thinking they could get me cheap flights and plenty of social parties. However the ad was for AAE (Australian airExpress) a joint venture between QANTAS and Australia Post and I ended up getting the customer service role in 1996. Yes there were no cheap flights nor too many social parties. I had to self-fund my own flights and parties.

Why is it an exciting time to be working in logistics?
Australia is a big country and to get anything delivered you need logistics. The game is about doing it competitively however faster and smarter. I have been in port logistics since 2006 and it was traditionally slow and based on very old relationships. Since 2015 the change has been unbelievable and exciting for any professional with an eye for opportunity.

What are some of the challenges for Melbourne logistics in the near future?
Traffic and time to deliver on road due to congestion caused by construction of the Western Distributor, the impending Coode Road closure and general infrastructure construction. The 2016/17 costings based on time and motion will be challenged with actual time and motion of the 2018/19. The road carrier will require support and we are hoping our intermodal port rail may help if we can get the support we require.

How do you spend your spare time?
I am 6th dan in Taekwondo and passionate about it. This year is my 40th year practising this martial art and my 26th year coaching it. This passion balances my energy, ensuring I am in good health and physically strong with the ever-present stresses rising corporate expectations. I run a small school in Coburg called Team Taekwondo opposite the Coburg Pentridge. My students range from ages three to adult and who want to self-challenge themselves. Yes some people race cars for pleasure but I like raising and racing great athletes.

You’re from Melbourne, what do you enjoy most about living in this city?
Melbourne is a city that allows me to wear my wide range wardrobe over the 12 months of the year. I love clothes and Melbourne allows me to shop, buy and dress all seasons.

What’s your favourite Melbourne restaurant?
My favourite restaurant is SOUK Melbourne in the city. It is vibrant and full of positive staff, ambience and great food. Of course the food is Aegean.

Is there an Australian (alive or dead) who you most admire?
I admire strong, trustworthy and charismatic leaders and yes, I admired Paul Keating our former Prime Minister. His style of leadership always gave me a feeling of that he was a great captain who was knowledgeable, trustworthy, held his own and did us proud.

Is there a social issue which you are passionate about?
Youth obesity as a result of convenience parenting. Kids are allowed to become zombies on technology games and they are less connected to real life. The most common things I hear while coaching are: ‘I am bored’, ‘I am tired’ and ‘I am stressed’. A 13-year-old boy or girl should be active and challenged as they are young and we should not place them in a cage at home on the couch and playing with games.

What’s your favourite time of the year?
Spring as everyone is falling in love, trying to get fit and planning for holidays.

Where would you like to retire?
My aspiration is to buy a 600 m3 land with the ability to place a café in the front, taekwondo centre on the top level and use this as my boutique outlet to service and talk to people via plenty of coffees during the day and coach fitness and taekwondo self-defence to back packers visiting the Aegean Izmir in Turkey. Yes, I still aspire to be connected with people and to stay fit without real life pressures like private school tuition fees, mortgages etc.

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