Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

Tomax announces China transhipment plans

Image: Jim Wilson / Palomaironique / Rduris
Image: Jim Wilson / Palomaironique / Rduris

MELBOURNE international freight forwarder Tomax Logistics has announced a new China-focused transhipment consolidation operation aimed at servicing co-loaders and forwarders.

The business is to tranship cargo via Shenzhen (in southern mainland China, close to Hong Kong).

According to Tomas, it means they can deliver to Chinese destinations more cheaply than current services via Hong Kong and Singapore.

Tomax chief executive Chris Chalmers said trans-shipping via Shekou (the nearby port) provided easier, faster and cheaper access to Chinese destinations, as well as the rest of Asia.

“Trans-shipping in China has not been possible before and has been made available only to this LCL program offered by Tomax Logistics,” Mr Chalmers said. “This is purely a wholesale service for forwarders to take advantage of, and will not be marketed to direct exporters.”

Services start in July and are to start with Asian cargo, but are expected to expand to cover the rest of the world.

Mr Chalmers said the concept was driven by the team at China Merchant Group who own and operate Shekou Container Terminal and wanted an increase in the volume of cargo shipped.

“CMG negotiated with Chinese Customs in order to have approval to set up a warehouse in the QianHaiWan Free Trade which would be allowed to handle transhipment LCL cargo,” he said.

Mr Chalmers said previously only full container load boxes were allowed to be transhipped within the container terminals, meaning less than container load cargo in freight-all-kind containers had to be customs cleared before being unpacked and then repacked to international destinations.

After several months of negotiation China Customs approved the CMG application.

This was said to have been the critical factor allowing China to have a multi-country trans-shipment consolidation service.

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