Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Upgrade for berth at Devonport

Photo: Australian Livestock Exporters' Council
Photo: Australian Livestock Exporters' Council

TASPORTS says work is underway to reconfigure Devonport East Berth 3 for the movement of livestock.

This is to allow its subsidiary Bass Island Lines (which runs the vessel John Duigan) to move cattle.

“This port infrastructure work is to ensure that a Devonport call can be added to the weekly schedule specifically for cattle destined to JBS at Longford,” a BIL statement read.

“This initiative is in response to our customers’ requests and also contributes to improved animal welfare.”

The berth is expected to be ready for a call on 7 July.

The vessel John Duigan was recently brought into service by BIL (a subsidiary of TasPorts) in order to move freight between the mainland of Tasmania, King Island and Geelong.

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