Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Veterinarians say live export is not safe in northern summer

Photo: Live Export Care
Photo: Live Export Care

A REVIEW released by the Australian Veterinary Association found sheep on live-export voyages to the Middle East during the northern summer months could die from the heat, and therefore the review did not recommend such voyages.

A statement from the Western Australia government called on the federal government to respond quickly to the review’s findings to allow adequate time for industry to adjust.

The McGowan Government is already taking steps to prepare industry for a reduction or pause in live exports over the mid-year period, including meeting with major WA meat processors to discuss capacity and engaging with Middle Eastern markets.

WA agriculture minister Alannah MacTiernan said the AVA review backs what the state government had been saying – that it may not be possible to keep exporting during the Middle Eastern summer at anywhere near the same levels as previously.

“Industry will need time to prepare for a reduction or pause over those summer months; the Federal Government must announce its plans for the northern summer as soon as possible,” she said.

“We will continue working with meat processors and talking to markets and governments in Kuwait and Qatar to ensure the best possible outcome for WA farmers.”

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