Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Viterra reports report month for grain exports

GRAIN exports from the six Viterra port terminals topped 860,000 tonnes during December, the second largest shipping month on record reported by the company.

This substantial figure included a substantial contribution from Port Lincoln which broke the record for shipments from a single port in a month, exporting more than 350,000 tonnes during December.

General manager Viterra operations, Tim Krause, said the large shipping program was crucial in meeting the needs of growers and other customers.

“Shipping during harvest keeps the supply chain moving, freeing up space upcountry for grower deliveries and meeting peak end-user demand,” Mr Krause said.

“Viterra has worked incredibly hard to encourage exporters to come to South Australia and increase their shipping task during harvest.

“As a result we shipped well over one million tonnes during the peak harvest months of November and December and have a further five million tonnes booked for 2017.”

Mr Krause said exporters and consumers valued supply chain reliability.

“Given we are competing against other grain growing regions globally, this is a huge benefit to growers and gives them access to pricing from multiple buyers and from all major global markets,” he said this week.

The Viterra Outer Harbor terminal reportedly reached a milestone last week, shipping its 10 millionth tonne of grain since opening in 2009.

“The vessel which tipped Outer Harbor over this milestone was the MV Antares, the largest vessel loaded at any Viterra port this season,” Mr Krause said.

“This Glencore Grain vessel was loaded with 70,000 tonnes of barley, headed to China.”

Mr Krause said several receival records had been achieved throughout the Viterra network this season, with the total amount of grain received so far hitting about 7.5m tonnes as of Sunday January 1.

“The Western region surpassed its total season record previously set in 2010/11, with more than 3.1 million tonnes received so far,” he said.

“Across the network, 22 sites have broken daily receival records – many more than once – and 12 sites have broken their season records.”

Mr Krause said yields were exceeding grower expectations and Viterra was close to finishing construction of an extra 900,000 tonnes of extra storage to handle the crop.

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