Sunday 21st Oct, 2018

VTA backs Monash Freeway trial

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

INDUSTRY body the Victorian Transport Association says it supports a trial on the Monash Freeway in Melbourne’s east aimed at improve productivity for heavy vehicle operators by restricting use of the right-hand lane by trucks.

Starting in February, heavy vehicles travelling in both directions on the Monash are to be restricted from using the far right-hand lane between Huntingdale Road, Mount Waverly and Jacksons Road, Noble Park.

The trial is to run for nine months.

“It is vital that measures to improve productivity are implemented to keep the freeway safe and efficient for all road users,” said VTA chief executive Peter Anderson.

“We supported the dynamic speed trials on the Monash last year for similar reasons that we support this latest trial because any measure that can potentially reduce costs and improve safety for operators is good for business and well worth trying,” he said.

Mr Anderson said the restrictions would lead to a higher concentration of heavy vehicles in the middle lanes of the freeway.

“Car drivers must remember that trucks require considerably greater stopping distances so they must leave a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles, refrain from excessive lane changing, and never cut off a heavy vehicle,” Mr Anderson said.

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