Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018

VTA urges operators to pass on Patrick fee hike

VTA chief executive, Peter Anderson. Photo: VTA
VTA chief executive, Peter Anderson. Photo: VTA

INDUSTRY body the Victorian Transport Association has written to members urging them to pass on infrastructure surcharge increases announced last week by stevedore Patrick.

The VTA says ultimately consumers must “bear the brunt” of supply chain cost rises.

From March 12 the new rates are:

  • Melbourne: $47.50 per box
  • Sydney: $41.10 per box
  • Brisbane: $38.25 per box
  • Fremantle: $7.50 per box

“Operators continue to face unprecedented increases to infrastructure and road user charges in and around the Port of Melbourne,” said VTA chief executive Peter Anderson.

“It is vital these and other cost-of-business increases are absorbed through the supply chain for freight businesses to remain sustainable and viable in a competitive trading environment.”

Road operators are to continue to be invoiced electronically via 1-Stop.

“The VTA has long argued that consumers need to understand that price increases brought about by higher business and transactional costs will ultimately have to be passed on to them because businesses already operating to tight margins will go out of business if they try and absorb the costs,” Mr Anderson said.

“Consumers are the ultimate benefactors from receiving goods delivered by the transport industry, and therefore they need to be subjected to the same price increases operators and other participants in the supply chain are required to take on.”

Operators are urged to contact the VTA for further information.

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