Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

Wind-propelled bulker sighted at Aussie ports

Photo: Mid West Ports Authority
Photo: Mid West Ports Authority

A SHIP that uses a new type of wind power, MV Afros (IMO 9746803), has called at several ports around the Australian coast.

The bulk carrier features four vertical rotor sails on the starboard side, which are situated on a carriage structure, allowing for them to be repositioned along the deck during loading.

The rotors work using the principles of the Magnus effect. This means that as the rotors spin, the wind that passes around them creates areas of higher and lower pressure on opposite sides of the rotor, adding to the vessel’s propulsion.

An energy source is needed to spin the rotors, but the energy savings in the reduced need for engine power create fuel savings of between 5%-15%.

When Afros called at Mid West Ports Authority earlier this month, pilot Scott Beevers brought it in to berth, saying the vessel handled beautifully.

In addition to Geraldton, Afros has called at Esperance, Newcastle and others.

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