Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

WiseTech heads to LA with acquisition

Photo: WiseTech
Photo: WiseTech

LOGISTICS software company WiseTech announced today (August 16) that it had acquired Los Angeles-based Trinium Technologies, a provider of intermodal trucking transportation management systems (TMS) in the US and Canada.

Trinium offers complete enterprise TMS for the efficient movement of sea-freight containers between port terminals, inland rail terminals, container yards and warehouses.


The company’s main product, Trinium-TMS, enables companies to completely automate their processes from order receipt through to customer service, dispatch operations, billing and driver settlements.

Trinium also provides container tracking through its integration with marine terminal and rail systems throughout the US and Canada.

WiseTech CEO Richard White said Trinium enables specialised road transport for the first and last mile container movement required on every international shipment

“With its valuable experience in containerised road transport, extensive port connections, well-regarded leadership team, and highly scalable, asset-based enterprise solution, Trinium is an important further addition to our cargo chain ecosystem,” Mr White said.

“Together we will leverage our global reach and powerful development capacity to scale up our broader TMS offering globally, building out the eco-system further, and providing ever more productive and integrated solutions to customers across the supply chain.”

Trinium managing director Michael Thomas said Trinium had been providing quality enterprise TMS for intermodal truckers for 17 years.

“Joining the WiseTech Global group will help us take our TMS into markets adjacent to trucking as well as across the globe,” he said.

“With WiseTech, we have an opportunity to innovate and automate at a faster pace and future-proof our applications.”

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