Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018

Workshop to explain changes to Australia’s maritime safety system

Image: Geoscience Australia
Image: Geoscience Australia

AMC Search is holding a workshop in Sydney to help domestic commercial vessels understand how to meet new AMSA regulatory safety requirements.


From 1 July, most services for domestic commercial vessels — those operating within Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone — are being provided by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority instead of local marine safety agencies.

This means if you operate any commercial vessel, qualifications and tickets to work on a vessel are now managed by AMSA.

The move is aimed at improving safety in the domestic commercial maritime industry by making it easier for operators, crew, boat builders, architects, surveyors, marine safety officers and inspectors to maintain safe vessel and operating practices.

To align with the change, AMC Search is offering a one-off, one-day workshop.

Workshop leader, Ben Brooks, said safety came from real practical approaches.

“This workshop will give you tools to help you manage the risks of your business well right now and make a stronger commitment to the health and safety of your business and your workforce,” Mr Brooks said.

Topics covered include an examination of the AMSA and NSCV Part E (Operations) requirements, principles of safety management based on the ISM Code and ISO 45001, behavioural and training approaches to improve safety performance and the design and maintenance of simple risk registers.

The workshop runs from 10am until 3pm on 18 September.

Contact AMC Search for more information.

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