Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

Yet another accolade for Port Nelson’s QuayConnect

Photo: Port of Nelson
Photo: Port of Nelson

PORT Nelson won the Award for Innovation at the recent Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)’s award ceremony in Auckland for its QuayConnect wine logistics system.

QuayConnect optimises the process of getting wine to the Port and supplies to the wineries by using four dedicated trucks to carry palletised empty bottles on the outward trip, while carrying wine for export back to the Port.

Port Nelson chief executive Martin Byrne said Marlborough and Nelson Tasman combined make up more than 80% of New Zealand’s wine and account for more than $1.5bn of the country’s total wine exports.

“Port Nelson is the main hub through which the vast majority of this wine travels around the country, and to the world,” Mr Byrne said.

“Sustainability is an important strand to the New Zealand wine brand story, so playing our part in reducing the carbon footprint of the country’s wine industry while dramatically improving logistics efficiency, is extremely important to us.”

Over its first year of operation, QuayConnect reduced truck journeys by more than half between Nelson and Marlborough, which has cut the time that trucks are on the road by 10,000 hours.

In total, this model has saved 348,436 litres of fuel and 1,602 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in its first year, according to a statement from the Port.

Port Nelson general manager business development, Eugene Beneke, said as New Zealand’s “wine port, it is important that Port Nelson is close to the majority of New Zealand’s winemakers, while also offering fast and efficient shipping lines to their key markets in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia.

“As an export, wine has overtaken seafood, and is now New Zealand’s fifth largest export commodity, making wine an increasing priority as a customer sector for Port Nelson and the heart of QuayConnect,” he said.

“QuayConnect’s innovative logistics model was created through collaboration, transparency and optimisation, which has been pivotal to QuayConnect’s success as we keep ahead of the industry’s own growth.”

Port Nelson’s wine business is growing, with a record 204,000 tonnes of wine-industry related cargo volumes over the past financial year, up 15% from the previous year’s 178,000 tonnes.

In June, the Port also won the coveted Resilience to Climate Change category in the national 2017 Green Ribbon Awards. QuayConnect was also a finalist in this year’s 2017 Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards.

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