Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

You can now track Port Botany cargo on your phone!


GET out your smartphone – you can now track freight movements in and out of Port Botany with the new Port Botany Performance App – which, according to minister for roads freight and maritime Melinda Pavey, will help ease congestion at the port.

The minister said performance and status information was only available on a closed system account to a limited number of stevedores and road carriers.

“Through the new app, live data will be freely available and will allow industry stakeholders to see what’s happening in the port precinct,” she said.

“it will also focus on real-time truck turnaround and performance data in order to enable better freight planning into and around Port Botany.”

The app is free to download and available on iOS and Android and was designed by the NSW government’s Cargo Movement Co-ordination Centre’s (CMCC) IT platform.

Ms Pavey said users would be able to use the app to better plan and optimise arrival times for trucks and reduce heavy vehicle queues entering the Port.

“Not only will this allow Port Botany to operate more efficiently, it will reduce the impacts of road freight movements and ease congestion around the precinct,” she said.

The CMCC has already been improving efficiency by capturing real-time freight movements, using technology such as a network of Radio-Frequency Identification readers within the Port.

“Through a combination of technology and working collaborative with Port Botany users, truck turnaround times have been cut by more than 17% in the past four years and rail mode share is at a record 19%,” Ms Pavey said.

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