QUEENSLAND’s agriculture minister, Mark Furner has showcased the Five Founders beef brand at a dinner in Singapore as part of south-east Asia trade tour.

“The North Australian Pastoral Company launched the brand in July to meet the demand of consumers who are conscious of reducing the environmental impact of their dietary choices,” Mr Furner said.

“The cattle aren’t fed any growth promotants, allowed to roam free on the grasslands of northern Queensland then finished at a feedlot on the Darling Downs.

NAPCo has identified ways to reduce carbon emissions through the installation of solar, zero deforestation, reforestation, genetics, increased water efficiency and overall land management. The company also offsets remaining emissions via the purchase of carbon credits.


NAPco runs about 200,000 cattle on 6.1m hectares in QLD and the Northern Territory.

Mr Furner said the dinner was a great way to showcase the ingenuity and innovation of Queensland agribusinesses.

In 2017-18, Queensland exports of agriculture and food products to Singapore were valued at $326m.

“We have some of the best premium food products in Australia and consumers in Singapore are demanding more of what we produce,” Mr Furner said.

 “The Queensland Government is committed to supporting increased exports to Singapore and surrounding regions, including premium-quality, sustainably produced food like Five Founders beef.”