A V-LINE train crashed into a derailed freight train near the Victorian border township of Wodonga on Wednesday, cutting freight rail access between Australia’s two largest cities.

No injuries were reported despite a reported 17 people being on board the V-Line service.

Freight minister Melissa Horne. Credit: David Sexton/DCN

Victorian freight minister Melissa Horne said the matter was still under investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.


“I’d like to thank all the [V-Line] staff who made sure all the passengers got off that train safely and that no one was hurt and the driver did such a good job to make sure that no one was injured,” she said.

Ms Horne said she had been in conversation with the CEO of V-Line and they were working with the Australian Rail Track Corporation to assess the condition of the track.

V-Line has brought in coaches to move people between Melbourne and Sydney.