THE technology group Wärtsilä’s LPG fuel supply system has successfully completed full scale testing with a full sized 2-stroke marine engine burning liquid petroleum gas as fuel. This was the world’s first such testing protocol.

It was initially decided to retrofit the Wärtsilä LFSS to four very large gas carrier vessels owned by Oslo-listed BW LPG. However, following the tests, in which the performance exceeded expectations, BW LPG decided to exercise its option to retrofit an additional four vessels, making a total of eight ships to benefit from this technology.

The initial order with Wärtsilä was placed in December 2018, and the order for the four additional retrofits was signed in February 2020.

“This project is yet another example of Wärtsilä’s leading position in bringing innovative systems that increase efficiency and support environmental sustainability, to the market,” Peter Zürcher, project manager, Wärtsilä Marine said.


“The use of LPG as a marine fuel is likely to increase in the future, and a high quality, reliable, supply system is essential if this is to happen.”

Retrofitting of the Wärtsilä LFSS to the first of the vessels will take place in April 2020. The system is available as a stand-alone solution, or as an integrated element within the LPG cargo handling system.

Serge Schwalenstocker, project manager, BW LPG, said, “BW LPG is pleased to work with Wärtsilä and collaborate on industry-leading innovations. We are confident that through such partnerships, BW LPG can play a leading role in the decarbonisation of our industry, and the broader transition towards cleaner energy”.