MARITIME Border Command, a multi-agency taskforce within the Australian Border Force, and the Republic of Singapore Navy signed an agreement to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the sharing and protection of information related to civil maritime security activities.

The memorandum of understanding recognises the value of Australia and Singapore’s relationship and promotes information sharing concerning white shipping.

White shipping involves the exchanging of advance information regarding identity and movement of civil vessels. Civil vessels make up the bulk of maritime traffic, and many are vulnerable to being targets or instruments of illegal acts.

Information sharing around white shipping will greatly improve both Singapore and Australia’s abilities to protect vessels within their respective waters.


Commander MBC, RADM Lee Goddard CSC RAN, emphasised the commitment to working with international partners to better support civil maritime security in our region.

“This agreement reinforces our already close relationship with Singapore and the knowledge gained further develops our capabilities.” RADM Goddard said.

“Australia and Singapore face similar civil maritime security challenges, and this agreement will allow our two countries to continue to build on a range of capabilities.”