Friday 16th Nov, 2018
Photo : Ian Ackerman

Stevedores don’t have “free pass”

An ACCC official reiterated that the commission has concerns about infrastructure charges, and stevedores’ declining profits shouldn’t give them a “free pass”

VTA chief executive, Peter Anderson. DCN

ACCC report highlights needs for Melbourne landside improvements, says VTA

A report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has prompted further debate about infrastructure fees

Ian Ackerman

DPWA welcomes ACCC report

The container stevedore says it is prepared to defend its case for infrastructure fees in the event of a closer review by state authorities

ACCC chairman Rod Sims. ACCC

ACCC concerned over potential impact of infrastructure charges

As debate rages over the validity of infrastructure fees, the ACCC has hinted at intervention from key state governments


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Port rail, pricing review are welcome announcements

A DCN readers weighs in on the recent supply chain-related announcements by the Victorian Government


Review welcomed into Melbourne port access

The costs for transport operators of accessing ports across the nation has become an issue during the past two years


Stevedore contract terms under the microscope

Are access contracts fair to transport operators? One industry body has doubts


Common data set crucial for supply chains

The ALC believes a common set of data would result in a more efficient supply chain overall