Role description for Principal Director, Pilotage Service Delivery and Regulation

Branch: Maritime Safety Queensland
Division: Customer Services, Safety and Regulation
Unit: Port Operations & VTS

Salary/Wage: $301,950 – $345,774 p.a
Total remuneration: $370, 000 – $420,000 p.a
Basis of employment: Section 12 Contract

Closing date: 20 August 2021
Contact: Chris Raley
Telephone: 02 4385 8752

Special Conditions:

  • This role is offered as an individual contract for a period of three years. In recognition of the importance of this role a highly competitive and attractive total remuneration package is negotiable in the range of $370-$420K for the successful candidate.
  • Criminal history screening will be conducted on the recommended person for the role.
  • The recommended applicant will be required to disclose any serious disciplinary action taken against them in public sector employment.
  • Applications for this role may be used to appoint to similar vacancies for a specified period up to 12 months after the closing date of the initial vacancy.
  • Any Priority Transferees who apply will be assessed on the basis of suitability.

We are seeking a high performing and innovative Principal Director, Pilotage Service Delivery and Regulation to contribute to our vision: Creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

Working at Transport and Main Roads

Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) move and connect people, places, goods and services – safely, efficiently and effectively. The driving force behind all of these things are our people. We employ over 8500 dedicated employees who share a common value – to drive positive change and to make a difference.

TMR actively encourages teamwork and innovation. You will work for an organisation which offers professional development, a variety of interesting work state-wide, a safe, healthy and secure workplace and flexible work and lifestyle options. TMR acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this land and waterways. We also acknowledge their ancestors and Elders both past and present. TMR is committed to reconciliation among all Australians.

Your opportunity

The Department of Transport and Main Roads moves and connects people, places, goods and services safely, efficiently and effectively across Queensland. We plan, manage and deliver Queensland’s integrated transport environment to achieve sustainable transport solutions for road, rail, air and sea.

In the role of Principal Director, Pilotage Service Delivery and Regulation you will support the General Manager, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) in the management and regulation of safe and efficient port pilotage service delivery.

The role reports to the Executive Director, Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Services and is required to liaise internally with the Regional Harbour Masters and externally with port pilotage service providers, government, non-government organisations, and industry peak in relation to regulation and monitoring of delivery of pilotage services in accordance with MSQ Legislation.

MSQ has adopted world’s best practice in the regulation of pilotage services delivery in Queensland’s 21 ports. This position will be integral in ensuring the delivery of pilotage services remains at the highest professional level and standard of safety by promoting progressive recruitment, training and development for pilots, always undertaken within a just culture.

Accountabilities include:


  • Regulation of Pilotage Services Delivery including:
    • Lead the review and provide recommendations to current minimum requirements for MSQ Pilotage and Exempt Master Training, Licensing and Standards requirements and other pilotage policies, procedures and standards in Queensland
    • Engage with Regional Harbour Masters, Responsible Pilotage Entities and other stakeholders in the conduct of this review
    • Lead professional and best practice standard development including evaluating national and international trends and innovations in pilot training and implementing new and emerging technologies relevant to pilotage service delivery.
    • Lead consultation and implementation of policy changes
    • With the Regional Harbour Master, coordinate the annual Audit Program of port pilot service providers
    • Assess pilotage incidents and risk events and share learnings amongst service providers across the state to promote a Pilotage Incident Prevention culture.
    • Enhance external service provider’s interaction with MSQ’s Vessel Traffic Services.
    • Oversee the MSQ Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in company with the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI), and other pilotage stakeholders.

Stakeholder and outcome

  • Review the current service delivery model for port pilotage in Queensland in conjunction with port corporations, external stakeholders and government departments and provide recommendations for government consideration
  • Liaison and interaction with national and international peak bodies and government agencies on pilotage regulation matters ensuring that communication and consultation takes place to achieve strategic, business and operational requirements.

Internal business

  • Deliver programs as agreed with the General Manager MSQ. This includes:
    • providing agreed services;
    • reporting on business outcomes;
    • ongoing input to the policy and business development process.

Learning and growth

  • Represent the General Manager MSQ on Pilotage Service Delivery issues.
  • Undertake the role in accordance with the requirements of s26(1) of the Public Service Act 2008 and at all times ensure that the principles as found in the Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service are upheld in the carrying out of all duties.

This role reports to the Executive Director, (Port Operations & Vessel Traffic Services).

Is this role for you?

The information in this section outlines the basis of assessment of your suitability for the organisation and the role.

The position requires a person who will take personal responsibility for serving the government of the day and meeting the needs of the people and communities of Queensland. As an executive you will work towards a system of world class service delivery and public sector management.

You will have a record of success as a Marine Port Pilot with outstanding leadership ability. You will have a strong background in strategy and policy implementation, service delivery, and client service. You will have a proven track record as an agent of change in challenging environments and in fostering a confident and capable workforce.

You will establish and maintain excellent communications and relationships with Regional Harbour Masters, Queensland ports and Queensland port pilots, whilst always aspiring to creating an inclusive and just culture in the development of professional port pilots.

As a leader in Queensland Government you will display outstanding judgement, high-level integrity, strong agility to adapt to a constantly changing environment, a strong achievement orientation, and excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Mandatory requirements

  • Criminal history screening
  • Submitting a Declaration of Interests Form
  • Certificate of Competency as Master (Unrestricted), equivalent Certificate or other educational or sea-going qualifications or experience
  • Licensed under a regulation as a Pilot and authorised to assess competence to be issued a new or renewed Licence or Pilotage Area Endorsement;

Desirable requirements

  • Experience Pilot Manager or Simulator Instructor
  • Successful completion of a formal Course in Human Factors
  • Successful completion of a formal Check-Pilot course and significant experience as a Check Pilot

Role/occupational capabilities

This role maps to Executive competencies. To find out more about the competencies required for this role visit, for the complete Leadership competencies for Queensland booklet.

  • Leads Strategically – Thinks critically and acts on the broader purpose of the system
    • Anticipates the consequences of public policy on the organisation and community, and engages in high level critical thinking to identify the links and implications between complex issues
    • Integrates government and organisational priorities and values, and the voice of the community to develop and articulate a compelling vision that provides clear direction for the sector’s future
    • Adopts a sector leadership role, working collaboratively with partners to translate the strategy into meaningful action
    • Fosters the exchange of ideas and perspectives to develop a 3–5 year strategy that brings to life government objectives
  • Leads change in complex environment – Embraces change and leads with focus and optimism in an environment of complexity and ambiguity
    • Responds flexibly to changing government, organisational and community expectations, systematically introducing required changes.
    • Maintains an optimistic outlook and encourages the same in others, focusing on organisational strategy and objectives through periods of uncertainty.
    • Leads change agendas, generating workforce readiness through timely communications and strategic support mechanisms that allow people to thrive.
  • Makes insightful decisions Makes considered, ethical and courageous decisions based on insight into the broader context
    • Identifies the underlying cause of systemic and organisational issues through considered analysis of data, patters and insights.
    • Role models courage in making decisions and provides frank and fearless advice even in ambiguous situations, in the absence of complete information.
    • Ensures the right delegative structure exists to empower decision making at the appropriate level.
  • Is a stabilising influence, quickly discerning key implications for government, the organisation and community, to respond comprehensively in crisis or high-stakes situations.
  • Builds awareness of decision making biases and encourages others to proactively seek advice to protect the organisation and community’s long-term interests.
  • Builds enduring relationships Builds and sustains relationships to enable the collaborative delivery of customer- focused outcomes
    • Reads contentious and sensitive situations and responds appropriately to manage relationships
    • Proactively informs and advises partners on matters of interest
    • Acts as a skilful negotiator, using compelling arguments and evidence to persuade stakeholders toward mutually beneficial outcomes
    • Actively encourages and supports the inclusion of diverse viewpoints of colleagues, community and partners in policy and strategy development
    • Removes systemic barriers to collaboration and implements strategies to build strong and enduring alliances for joint delivery of community outcomes
    • Drives accountability and outcomes – demonstrates accountability for the execution and quality of results through professionalism, persistence and transparency
      • Works with partners to establish ambitious objectives and clear performance standards that inspire collective ownership.
      • Actively seeks cross-sector collaborations to overcome issues and direct resources towards matters of priority
      • Drives ownership and empowers others to lead and report on their area of responsibility with complete transparency of outcomes
      • Keeps a finger on the pulse through feedback structures to anticipate and respond promptly to emerging issues, shifting the investment of time and energy as required.
  • Applies specialist knowledge and skills Able to evidence knowledge in their specialist and/or functional area.
    • Exercises sound business acumen in corporate governance areas, such as financial and contract management, project management and benefits realisation. Drives cost-effective commissioning of goods and services, utilising best practice procurement processes and appropriate supplier relationships. Proactively seeks advice as required to ensure probity and sound decision making.
    • Thorough knowledge of shipping and port operations, particularly as they relate to pilotage legislation and systems of best practice

Your application

Please provide the following information to the panel to assess your suitability:

  • Attach a comprehensive and current resume outlining your work experience and your achievements, which you think are relevant to this role.
  • Provide a synopsis, in no more than two (2) pages, of how your experience, abilities and knowledge are relevant for this role, particularly taking into account the points listed under “Is this role for you?”

Applications, in soft copy only, to be received by the undersigned no later than 20 August 2021:
Chris Raley
Thompson Clarke Shipping Pty Ltd
PO BOX 652, Terrigal NSW 2260, AUSTRALIA
E :
T: +61 (0)2 4385 8752; M: +61 (0)419 333 550

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