Fremantle Ports is seeking offers from Owners of suitable vessels for the charter of a Pilot Boat. The charter period is 18 months commencing 1st October 2021. Click here for further details.


Fremantle Ports requires a second Pilot Boat for Pilotage duties and is seeking to charter a suitable vessel. We are open to offers from all Australian states and all owners of suitable vessels.  

Key requirements of the charter are listed below:

  • Term: 18 months (at the end of the Term, Fremantle Ports may wish to extend this charter on a rolling monthly basis).
  • Commencement date: 1st October 2021
  • Estimated engine hours: 225 per month
  • Crew: vessel will be crewed by Fremantle Ports Small Craft Team
  • Maintenance: we are seeking a charter offer where maintenance is included in the monthly charter fee

Interested parties should respond to the RFP package available on Tenderlink, the closing date for submissions is 13th August.

For full details of this opportunity including the RFP package please login to Tenderlink: If you are not registered on Tenderlink you will need to do so, this is free and is a simple process

Project Reference:  FREPRT-978999
Project Name: 103C21 – Charter of Pilot Boat

For enquiries regarding this opportunity please contact:

John Carter
Category Manager – Facilities & Marine Services
1 Cliff Street | Fremantle WA 6160
Ph: +61 8 9430 3340 | 0411 620 210