AIR and ocean freight specialist, DHL Global Forwarding, has sought to strengthen its position in the transport of life sciences and healthcare cargoes, having been re-certified to the CEIV Pharma Standard of the International Air Transport Association.

IATA has also given its approval for DHL’s training program DHL Life Sciences Specialist.

Nina Heinz, global head of network and quality, temperature management solutions at DHL, said, “For years, the number of regulations and requirements has been steadily increased in the life sciences and healthcare industry in general, especially regarding product transportation and storage”.

“Although we at DHL have been a leader in ideas and innovation in the industry for a long time, we recognise that there is always room to improve,” Ms Heinz said.

“With our renewed IATA CEIV Pharma Certification, we are both clearly demonstrating our continued emphasis on constantly enhancing our service quality and showcasing that we are a reliable partner for transporting vital and temperature-sensitive products.”


DHL began certifying its global stations according to the IATA CEIV Pharma Certification in 2016 to raise the bar in pharmaceutical logistics.

Due to its unique, validated cloud-based IT platform, LifeTrack, DHL enables more transparency in temperature-controlled transports. LifeTrack not only offers shipment tracking but also enables 24/7 proactive monitoring and intervention based on pre-determined touch points and DHL’s NFC SmartSensor technology.

At each location, IATA examines and compares the station’s correspondence to its Temperature Control Regulations as well as Good Distribution Practices guidelines from the European Union, World Health Organization and other regulatory bodies.