DHL Global Forwarding South Korea has air freighted more than 1.3m COVID-19 test kits in the first three weeks of April, to Brazil, Ecuador, India, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.

Tapping on its global network of LSH facilities, suite of temperature-controlled solutions and its customs clearance expertise, the international freight services provider will also ship test kits to Saudi Arabia in several shipments.

“Our team of experienced LSH logistics specialists are working tirelessly to get medical and healthcare supplies to their destinations. Temperature management specialists from LifeConEx use world-class solutions to ensure the integrity of the test kits throughout their journey, whilst our efficient customs brokerage team safeguards their smooth passage to the countries and medical agencies that need them to fight the pandemic,” said Charles Kaufmann, CEO – DHL Global Forwarding North Asia/South Pacific and president/ representative director – DHL Global Forwarding Japan K.K.

Lauded for its efforts in slowing the spread of Covid-19, South Korea attributed its success to its massive testing campaign with the support of local diagnostic device manufacturers. South Korea has seen demand from more than 110 countries for its test kits with analysts in Seoul estimating global demand to come in at about 700,000 a day.


SP Song, managing director, DHL Global Forwarding Korea, said, “In addition to test kits, we have also been sending personal protective equipment such as facial masks and protective suits.

“South Korea has also been identified as a key supplier of PPE to India, and these products are equally needed in countries where the virus is still virulent. We are trying to do our part to support the global community and the frontline workers in combating this epidemic.”

DHL Global Forwarding has a global network of facilities that meet the European Union’s Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines for life science and healthcare supply chains and temperature-controlled freight solutions integrating technology that allows real-time visibility and active monitoring.

The freight forwarder recently launched a dedicated 100-tonne weekly air freight service for organisations and governments shipping goods from China to Middle East and Africa, with health and medical-related items, such as PPE, making up the bulk of the volume.