AFTER more than 40 years in the business, the directors of Mackay Haulage, Angelo and Sam Sorbello, are retiring. As a result, their entire inventory of haulage equipment is to be auctioned by GraysOnline. The 100% digital auction platform is hosting an unreserved auction from 23 April, including a wide range of premium haulage equipment.

Chris Corbin, CEO of GraysOnline, said, “GraysOnline, have developed a strong relationship with Mackay Haulage Co. over many years. Forty-four years in the industry is the end of an era and I am honoured they have chosen our e-commerce marketplace to sell their stock.”

The entire Mackay Haulage fleet is up for auction. This consists of a wide selection of assets, including 35 vehicles (prime movers, body trucks and light vehicles); 35 trailers (such as low loaders and specialist steerable extending trailers, curtain-sided trailers, flat top trailers, dollies and extending trailers); 17 different pieces of specialist equipment (2 cranes, 13 forklifts and a portable building and a container).

Each piece of equipment or machinery is described on the GraysOnline site, under the heading “MHC”. Videos and plenty of close-up, detailed pictures, along with a comprehensive description, showcase each lot on offer. Over the years, the Mackay Haulage company have been meticulous in servicing and caring for their vehicles. A complete service and maintenance history is displayed for each vehicle. The vehicles have all been working until fairly recently, so are “good to go” once purchase is complete.


The auction will be held digitally, ensuring bidders and the GraysOnline team comply fully with social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Corbin, CEO, said, “Our customers and staff health is paramount… we have taken all precautionary methods for those who require to pick up items from sites and warehouses.”

The GraysOnline team can be contacted online for advice, support or further information about the auction.